Monday, October 12, 2009

Burning Disbelief

So very last minute I got talked into going to Burning at the Bluffs.....I teamed up with SHOT and BEANS

Long story short.....Beans wore a dress, I wore a long sleeve skin suit, and Shot had a shimano chain.

I hate you shimano chains.

In the end everyone survived and I got to see Fletcher in a wetsuit. Can't really ask for more can you.

Bean's recap is much better. GO DIE SHIMANO CHAINS!


TeamSeagal said...

at least your white shoes look badass!

-casey ryback

ProPam said...

How ironic that SHOT (AKA CADEL) put a SHIMANO chain on my dirt bike today.... Will you come rescue me if my chain breaks in the middle of nowhere and it's dark out? According to BEANS, you will!

Anonymous said...

How about a chain tool? They aren't brand specific, they don't hate on any chain, not Shimano, not SRAM, etc...etc....Who goes into a wet and muddy or any mtb race wihtout a chain tool on them? Even a cross guy like you knows that. I'm gonna hand it to you at BT EPIC...

Butthead said...

I hear there is a pile of bikes waiting for you.......

The only thing you are going to be handing me at BT Epic is a laundry list of excuses that you and your "troll like" friend stayed up all night coming up with.