Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fan Photos

One of my many fans sent me some pics from Iowa City

Kankle Time!

In other news.....I hope Bill Marshall has a snow plow for this weekend.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Iowa Shity, IA

I went to Iowa this weekend for the Jingle Cross Rock. Good times were had by all and I even had Mexican on Saturday night! Here are the results ...Rock1 ...Rock2

Here are some shitty photos from the run up on Sunday.

Here is little buddy in full on suffer mode in the Master's race.

Nice Job ACE!

Kans-ass was there.

I don't have anything else....I actually need to get some work done for a change.

Adam Mills sucks. (There you go Adam a call out from my blog!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hendersonville, NC

Nobody was there!

Here is what had to say Day One and Day Two

I took some pics with my phone and they are a bit shitty.....ok they are shit.

A hoop for Jimmiez was on the course..

Pits were a bit empty......

Sweet BMX track at the it was not part of the course

It was a long fucking drive.

Jingle CX is next

ProPam in the News

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Boulder, not just a rock in the mountians

Went to the GP in Boulder. It was fun getting the shit kicked out of me 2 days straight. Saturday I was 75th out of lap down. Sunday I was 38th out of 115. For some reason I was really really really motivated not to get lapped on Sunday and my legs showed up. I need to find a way to start better in the big fields. If I can do that I can move up another 15 places. I spent both days racing from the back of the pack.

Here are some photos of Sunday's events

The crowds were HUGE!

I think Sram sponsored the events

Here is a short clip of me

If you go to and search for boulder cx you will find a ton of video from the races this last weekend.