Friday, July 08, 2005

fucking Jimmiez

So I am totally fucked. Last year about this time I hear Jimmiez talking all this shit......."Butthead you got to do this, Butthead they sell a beer with your name on it there.....blah blah blah".....Long and short of it I am going to do

I looked at the profile today....looks like it goes to 14k. Fuckin Jimmiez. What in the hell is he thinking telling me to go to this. He claims I will get popped at the Summit Lake which is 12K and some change. I hope I don't get popped in the first mile. Fuckin Jimmiez. The only thing that would make this better is if little Chucky Huff rolls his cheerleading ass up there and does it with me. Come on Huff!

Here is my photo for today

What do you think the little guy is thinking about? Could be anything. I am going with. "Fucking Butthead! He grabs me and yells at me. I fuckin hate that guy. Maybe if I play with this grass long enough I can go back to that happy place where I was a pro and the world was mine"

Don't worry Luke I heard that Soulard has taken all of the corners out of their course this year. You will never have to turn.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

So it is Thursday

What a fucking week. I totally have been getting my balls kicked every fucking day. Seriously my boss has been kicking me in the balls.

Here is a photo of Brad Huff Motor Pacing.

Looking good there ACE!

Bubba? Is that you?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The real question

Does Chucky Huff make all that shit up in his Diary. Yes Diary because he is sensitive and a bit like this girl I knew in 7th grade. I would go into details about this but I don't do those kind of things.

Will Chucky ever return to racing in Missouri? Is he to big time for the rest of us?

In other fucking sucks. What kind of motherfucker goes and puts July 4th on a Monday. Fuck I am totally wornout today.

If you were to dress Jelly Roll Hill, Fatman Froese, and Chucky Huff in women's clothing who would look better? Jelly Roll would have total guetto he gets a point there. Fatman has some of the world's largest man titties so with the right support he would looked pretty good. But the best would be Chucky because.....fuck I don't know I just think that Chucky really is a women deep down inside.

Huffy, right now I am holding my breath, typing, and standing on top of my cube. That is right you are in deep shit next time you line up with me.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Re: An Interview with Brad Huff (Score: 1)
by JellyRoll on Friday, July 01 @ 08:56:32 EDT
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Stick with bike racing. You can't be a podium girl!

Huff Comes out of the Closet