Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We have waited all of this time!

Come on! This video sucks! This doesn't even start to show what went down. POOR!

Here is a thought.... Jonathan Page was/has been coached by Mario De Clercq for many years. Here is a nice article about De Clercq and some guy named Museeuw

Don't be a Page fan. The company you keep tends to say a lot about who you are....

Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Iowa

I totally ripped this pics off somebody's site but it sums my Sunday up

At the start of the mud slide.....Jeff and Shadd had large gaps on me....

notice the brakes are fully on but I catch them.......and I am gaining speed

Better stick my leg out because that is going to really fucking help! And then I almost die at the bottom......

Had there been a third picture you would see my right legs clips back in and then my left leg unclips and goes into "oh shit" tripod mode.

Sunday reminded me of something my dad said to me back in high school when we were riding at Finger Lakes. "I am not going down that, I have to go to work Monday" FUCK I am getting old!

The Fangos were great.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Iowa Shitty is my write up. First, I have good legs right now. Second, I have shitty luck....wait I make my own luck, fuck. Third, I don't like racing in endless amounts of mud.

I love and hate Jingle CX. There are parts of the course that are awesome and then there are parts of the course that suck. At what point does doing 6 turns in a cattle barn make good racing. There needs to be a UCI rule against it! Seriously, it is just stupid. Anyways, I spent most of the weekend doing it wrong in the races. If I wasn't behind 10 dudes who couldn't turn left or right......I was just not getting it done. Extremely frustrating but that is bike racing.

I hate mud. If I wanted to race in mud I would move to Portland. Fuck the mud.
When the race becomes a mud slide it is no longer a is a mud slide. It is OK to change the course based on the conditions! Or at least put padding on the barn at the bottom of the mud slide!

In other news. My teammate Nate, likes the mud. He rode awesome Sunday and got some UCI points.

Does anyone have some Cheese for my Whine? I know cry me a fucking river.