Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Fat kid from Springdale

Tour de Normandie

1 Kai Reus (Ned) Rabobank 7.16
2 Rick Flens (Ned) Rabobank 0.03
3 Emilien Berges (Fra) Auber 93 0.05
4 Niki Trepstra (Ned) Ubbink-Syntec Cycl. Team 0.07
5 Alexey Shmidt (Rus) Omnibike Dymamo Moscow
6 Jos Van Emden (Ned) Rabobank 0.08
7 Charles Bradley Huff (USA) Team TIAA-CREF
8 Tom Stamsnijder (Ned) Rabobank
9 Olegs Melehs (Lat) Rietumu Bank-Riga
10 Saïd Haddou (Fra) Auber 93 0.09

Just think how fast Huffy could have been if he was a skinny kid from Springdale

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

For Sale: 1 Bubba Dog

So my little fat dog decided the dog door in the back of the house was not good enough.

So he made his own.

Can you imagine that little fat fucker flying through the air.....

My neighbors found Mr Bubba working his way through the trash.

Don't worry the little fat fucker is just fine.......except for he now lives in the basement.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

110120 or was that 110101

So work has been a bit busy as of late. Don't worry that hasn't hurt my riding but I must say the net surfing time has come to a crawl. If the cycling world even had a clue what I do for a living then they might begin to understand me....ok well that is unlikely.

I rode a bunch this last weekend and I plan to do the same this next weekend.

In other news... "Ethan" told me that "Ozenpro" was tricked into droppage by "The Dude" at the "Froze Toes". I think this is great! "The Dude" has finally found his place in a race. So a warning to all those sitting in the back of a race. If some dude starts talking to you randomly of things from the past...........know that the early signs of "tricked droppage" are setting in on you. Be careful out there.

"tricked droppage" - Being dropped in a race without realizing it until it is to late. Not limited to any specific cycling event. Has been used in events such as swimming, horse back riding, and golfing. ex: "This big dumbass started talking to me and I was listening and then all of a sudden the field was gone. Little did I know tricked droppage had been used on me."

"jewish tricked droppage" - I will put that in the next blog