Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Where are the stars n bars?

And Huff wonders why Jelly Roll and I make fun of him so much

Monday, August 29, 2005


aaaahhhhh are you ok?

God that is gross! (Sorry the lighting was bad. If you look close you can see a little pile) What you cann't see in the pic is that Little Buddy had beans and rice before the race.

If that is what it takes to beat "The Evil Steve Tilford". I think I would use the force "The Evil Steve Tilford" in the curb and jam on my breaks technique.

I guess Luke has family in Warrensburg, Mo.....or at least his Family Crest is all over the place down there

Thursday, August 25, 2005


So since I suck and always will suck I have decide to become a Pro Dog Trainer. Here are some of my photos from training with "the Bubba".

Notice I am working with a state champion

Normally "the Bubba" is not one to wear the colors but you know........

Notice the concentration.........the focus

"the Bubba" wants to wear a national jersey but for some reason he hasn't got one yet

In 20 years some asshole is going to say "Who the fuck is Butthead?" Little does that asshole know what he is missing out on.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bubba is that you Part2 / Some Cheerleader finally won a race!

Turns out you have to be a certain height to ride


Oh Bubba.......No bubba.

Get out of the fucking water Bubba!!

So, I heard that this is all Huff got for his little win.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Come on Huff!

A quote from Huffy's interview on
"I specialize in pedaling hard; it does not matter if it is on a track or road or mountain or cross bike? I enjoy them all. Cycling is an infectious sport that takes total control of an athlete’s life and I love it!"

You should have said something like..........."I wish I was like Butthead and Jelly Roll. I would like to specialize in Cheerleading but the skirt keeps riding up my ass everytime I practice my back hand spring."

Huffy what kind of cheerleading moves can you do?

Friday, August 05, 2005

fatass window breaker

So Fish, JV, and I go and ride an Ashland loop last night. I could tell right from the start that I should have stayed home and played with Bubba. First Fish has to keep going on about.."the Call a Dude game". I have to say I am not sure what is more annoying The Dude or Fish running his mouth about the dude? To make maters worse JV has to tell "one up" stories the entire time. How does JV know so much?

Back to the ride. We do a nice "Brad Huff" paced ride (that would be slow with lots of talk of greatness) and as we roll back into town a small Mini Van with 2 very large black women go to pass us. At that very moment the mini van's passanger side window shatters. It was like an explosion! Glass is the van and all over us. Well it turns out that a rock came out under Fish tire and hit the window just right and we think. So we stop and make sure everyone is alright. JV has decided it was a sniper so he goes and searches in the bushes. Fish talks to the laddies and make sure they were alright. To make matters worse the laddies were eating to deep fried shrimp at the time. So there is tarter sauce every where. I mean I guess when the window blew the girl just lost it and just dumped the shit every where.

Granted I don't type a story as good as I tell it but it was just so fucking unreal. The fucking window just exploded and of course it had to be 2 very large 300lb women in the van eating deep fried shrimp.

How the fuck is Fish so fat that his fatass can shoot a rock out of his tire and blow up a window.

Needless to say it is good it is friday because this week is just fucking nuts.