Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boss Cross 1 and 2

Haven't seen any pictures and there were no podium pics.......(sorry FattyMatty)

I ended up 5th Saturday and 4th Sunday.

Saturday I rode around the first 20 minutes with bad legs and no skills. Then my legs woke up and got back to 5th........Kind of shitty but it is what it is......I guess that is what I get for actually going out on Friday and attempting to do "openers". I won't be doing that again.

Sunday My legs were wide open and ready to go. I missed Joseph's attack off the front and didn't respond quick enough. I made a big effort for several laps but couldn't close the gap. Joseph is flying right now......which is pretty cool. Race ended in a 3up sprint for 2nd. Tilford 2nd, Winkler 3rd........and I was 4th. It was tight at the line and in the end I was happy with my effort. All 3 of us in the chase group took our digs at getting across to Joseph and in the end we were all short a bit.

Up next Burning at the Bluffs.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, I don't take pictures at my races cause I'm too busy getting loaded... and really, is a podium that important?

Butthead said...

I can't disagree with that.

Thanks for a great weekend.

ProPam said...

I keep trying to tell people that "openers" are overrated. No one every listens to me.

TeamSeagal said...

burnin' will be fucking awesome.