Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monkey see......Monkey do

Jimmiez thought we should include some "Tilford" training practices into our ride. I told Jimmiez he was nutts but the old fuck didn't listen and jumped in.

Off to Nationals this weekend.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fan Photos Part 2

So finally I will update my blog this week. I missed the race saturday because of snow. In the great words of Fish and Jimmiez..."The race for the state title started Friday" ......well shit! I was at work friday. So I took no chances on Sunday and called in my old man, a four wheel drive, and about 10hrs of extra time to make the race. Needless to say I got there on time.....

There was mud,



and suffering

Plus my dad pulled pit duty

Oh here is a photo of Kyle, Nate, and I. Kyle is like a real life version of the South Park charater.

Anyways KLM UCI race was good. I got 6 UCI points which gets me into the top 50 for start position at Nationals. Oh and Tilford fell in a frozen lake and still kicked the shit out of everyone.

Off to Rhode Island next week.