Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot dogs and Kegs

Here is one Cue-ball Smith post state 40k TT. I convinced him to ride back to Columbia.

Matt Smith gets a second at Super Week in the Crash 4s.

My understanding is he lived up to being the original "pavement magnet" the next day.

Somethings do not changes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bike Porn #2

I got my first frameset for CX together this week. I went with the CADD9 CX Cannondale. I rode around the block once tonight on the fresh chip-n-seal and the thing is sweet!

Here is the photo shoot. I went with a more Knitting Circle friendly theme this time. I can't have my fan club thinking I don't listen to their feedback

Look at that Red Seat! I know it looks like shit.

Otis and Bubba are still around. Bubba refused to be on a blog post with knitting circle magazines.

I need to cut back on my blogging.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I did a MTB Race

I don't miss MTB racing much. I pretty much sucked. I was slow in the woods and pretty much was in the way. According to Dan, from Route 66, my bike is old. NO SHIT! It is not even was borrowed. I did make $20 so not all was lost. I might pick one more MTB race up this year......maybe

Is it CX season yet?

Monday, July 09, 2007


I spent a week in Colorado doing some riding and hiking. On the 4th I rode down from Estes Park to Boulder to meet up with the over 6'2" ride. We rode up Left Hand Canyon to the little town of Ward.

Once in Ward we got to see the Annual Ward 4th Parade! The photos do not do this thing justice!

Is that Nelson Vales?

Very Creative!

Who says POT has side affects!

Ummmmmm Drugs are bad......

At one point Ward had the most PHDs per cap. I am guessing their kids didn't not follow in the same foot steps.

Link to WARD

Oh yeah the locals were shooting fireworks out of the fire truck during the parade. It was very surreal as bottle rocks would fly into the crowd and explode. Fucking nuts.....and the fire danger was listed as "High".