Sunday, August 20, 2006


Looks like somethings never change with Matt. Nice to see he is taking care of my old bike!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So my blog sucks?

Well tell me something I didn't know!

Anyways the hate is returning and it almost CX season. This year I will have carbon wheels and 4 different CX bikes. Yes that is right 4 and no you can't use one of them. I am using everything! Cry me a fucking river already.

So to continue with the bitching. Why is that people think they know me? Does anyone even know how I got the name Butthead?

With any luck today I will complete my db layout so the world of circuits can be nicely stored to the DSO level. Just think when I am done any jackass with a web browser will be able to click on their circuit and see that they have 6 channels setup for voice and 18 channels setup for data. Hell maybe I will even throw in some traffic graphs with lots of colors. Wow if that thought doesn't get the blood flowing there is no hope for you!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well just shut the fuck up Jimmiez

.....Look Here....

Alright since I haven't updated this piece of shit in about goes...

Brad Huff = dumbass.

Who knows the what the fuck is up with Landis.

I will go as far to say I am dropping OLN and Velonews Mag since Pro cycling has just become this big piece of shit that is just whacked!

Huff here is some advice. Use your status in cycling for good. Start a "Player's Union". Pro cyclists need to stop allowing themselves to be attacked as individuals and start moving as a group. The UCI and WADA will not start acting as adults until they are forced. Seriously HUFFY step up!

Needless to say the Landis affair pisses me off on about 3 million different levels.

What is fucking hot and I am ready for CX season.

Junior Varsity make some CX shit happen already!