Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In Search of Bubba

Bubba is that you?


Got dropped here......

Here also..

And finally.....shit happens sometimes.

Jimmiez takes a pull at Tuesday Night Worlds!

Friday, May 27, 2005

How to park like a Mother Fucking ROCK STAR!

OK, just back it up a little....

Cut the wheels just a hair...

FUCK IT........Done (Klinger/Brown Sugar Production May 2005)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

i am fucked

Maybe Fish is right. Here it is thursday and I am still not angry about anything. WTF? I am getting soft.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Moring Hate also known as "I hate Jimmiez Monday"

Let me count the reasons I hate Jimmiez.
1) There was that time Jimmiez punched me in the gut when I wasn't looking. Sure I had it coming but fuck he could have pulled the punch. DON'T EVEN SAY YOU PULLED IT OLD MAN BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T!!
2) The time he painted his bike to be called the "Ethan Pork".........what the fuck? I thought of that and on no place on the bike am I given credit. BULLSHIT!
3) The time I squirted Gatorade in Jimmiez face and tried to end my life with his water bottle. TAKE YOUR MEDICINE OLD MAN!
4) The time he had a big party on the 4th of July and everybody got laid but me. FUCKING BULLSHIT JIMMIEZ! You knew I didn't like women with arm pit hair. To bad Chad Gerlock and Frosted Flakes did.
5) I hate those old shorts you wear that let the world know what a 50 yr old ass looks like. THAT IS NASTY SHIT OLD MAN!
6) And finally the most hated thing about Jimmiez..................stick the drum roll in your ass already........... You get to talk to Quinn Snydor and you tell him to grow his hair out instead of saying "Hey you stupid dumbfuck! Your team needs to beable to score against a 2-3 zone. Quinn tell those over paid dumbass to spread the floor and move the ball!"

I hate you Jimmiez.