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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

State Race Report

I think that pretty much covers it!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Bubba's days are numbered...

Sorry for the delay in the update. I realize everyone is on the edge of their seats....

I did The BEpic last weekend. I survived with 7th and some good prize money. I traded that prize money for a set of Ping Irons and a set of Ugg Boots (my wife thinks she is still in High School or College...........I am ok with that since I like college girls)
(sorry no pics)

Up next was CX racing in STL. As my loyal readers know I lost the last CX race I did in I went into secret training. I increased my coffee consumption by a factor of 10, practiced holding my breath in 30min intervals, stopped watching Tool Academy, and began picking fights with anyone and everyone who was up for it. I had decided to return to STL with an anger level in the red.

So Saturday Night rolls up the anger level is close to red. I don't get a call up.....complete bullshit! I was dressed as a fatter version of Nate Rice. Anyways long story short. Here is how the race went down......GO!.slide around..ride through traffic. slide around..catch lead group...slide around...attack.....slide around...just me and Nate...lap some guys..slide around....Dave catches.....attack...slide around..just Nate and I...lap some guys...take beer hand up...throw empty at Dave and hit him the head...slide around...Nate breaks bike....slide around...wait...wait...wait....Nate is fucked....slide around.....hit cruise control..try to get another beer hand up....they are out (PUSS SHIT RUNNING OUT OF BEER!) Sorry no pictures yet.

Sunday...The anger really has not gone down at this point. To make matters worse there is some dog barking like crazy during the C race so I am good and pissed...
Here is my race recap with pictures...and yes started DFL again

Race starts..........I ride around in traffic

Why is everyone running?

Catch the lead group


The group attempts super human maneuvers to catch back on

Hit cruise control for the last 30 minutes

(Photos stolen from Evil Mike)

Here is my Bubba Update.....He licks himself constantly and as a result he now wears an e-collar.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night of the Living Bubba and Dawn of the Bubba

Oh the joy of racing CX! Truly my favorite time of the year.

Rode around in the dark. Just look at that filled out long sleeve skin suit(PX90 24/7)
My fans were everywhere!
There were so many at one point I thought I should stop and sign a few autographs.......

Managed to win. Young Alex (2nd place...I like to say 1st loser) said he didn't know it was the last lap. What can I say my college degree is paying off! I was able to realize it was time to unleash the KANKLES!!! and as all my college buddies know when it is KANKLE TIME!!! shit only goes downhill.

Speaking of College......look who showed up

Sunday, I was first loser. Yep, my ego was pretty much crushed. I guess young Alex stayed up studying all night and was able to realize it was the last lap. I waited too long to unleash the KANKLES!!! and didn't get it done.

I have to say that it appears some the youngster in STL are going good. Plus one of them has YELLOW shoes...I don't see anyone in KC with YELLOW shoes. So I don't want to hear anymore of this KC is faster bullshit! I have proven that I can lose in both cities.

Next up Berrymen Epic.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Burning Disbelief

So very last minute I got talked into going to Burning at the Bluffs.....I teamed up with SHOT and BEANS

Long story short.....Beans wore a dress, I wore a long sleeve skin suit, and Shot had a shimano chain.

I hate you shimano chains.

In the end everyone survived and I got to see Fletcher in a wetsuit. Can't really ask for more can you.

Bean's recap is much better. GO DIE SHIMANO CHAINS!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boss Cross 1 and 2

Haven't seen any pictures and there were no podium pics.......(sorry FattyMatty)

I ended up 5th Saturday and 4th Sunday.

Saturday I rode around the first 20 minutes with bad legs and no skills. Then my legs woke up and got back to 5th........Kind of shitty but it is what it is......I guess that is what I get for actually going out on Friday and attempting to do "openers". I won't be doing that again.

Sunday My legs were wide open and ready to go. I missed Joseph's attack off the front and didn't respond quick enough. I made a big effort for several laps but couldn't close the gap. Joseph is flying right now......which is pretty cool. Race ended in a 3up sprint for 2nd. Tilford 2nd, Winkler 3rd........and I was 4th. It was tight at the line and in the end I was happy with my effort. All 3 of us in the chase group took our digs at getting across to Joseph and in the end we were all short a bit.

Up next Burning at the Bluffs.